Us-1 Marine Parts & Service Inc.

more than just another engine company...


Custom Marinizination Kits

We build custom marinization kits for almost any engine... CAT, Cummins, Iveco etc. We can make or modify almost anything. As for service we can rebuild your Merlin or Daytona engine, we also rebuild turbos, water pumps and fuel pumps.

When we “ marinize ” an engine, we do so with a few important guidelines:-

  • Make the engines as light weight as possible without sacrificing durability.
  • Develop maximum horsepower.
  • Size the engine to fit in the smallest space possible, thus creating the best conditions for engine serviceability.
  • Engineer the absolute best fuel economy and acceleration through clean burning efficiency.
  • Stainless steel, aluminum and steel welding.

Maximum horsepower... minimum size... exceptional fuel economy...

In order to affect all of our marinization goals we do things that you simply won't find in other marine diesels. We use stainless steel components wherever possible since this allows us to replace typically heavy iron castings used by other engine makers.

Strong and durable components...

For example, our heat exchangers incorporate the highest quality cupro-nickel and 316L stainless. Our revolutionary high efficiency multi-pass intercoolers utilize copper fins on cupro-nickel tubes, also encased in a 316L S.S. housing. And... all these stainless steel parts are heli-arc welded using Hastelloy rod and back gassed with argon, creating the strongest, lightest and most durable components possible.